Aerospace engineer claims he lost his job after employers learned he’s also a sex worker

Francis Akhalbey February 16, 2024
John Legendary, a porn star, holds an MBA and a master’s in information management -- Photo: johnlegendary_/Instagram

A 39-year-old man, who was earning $150,000 annually as an aerospace engineer, claims he was fired after his employers learned he was also a porn star. According to the New York Post, John Legendary, who holds an MBA and a master’s in information management, had been doing remote work for a renowned defense contracting company for three years.

But the Detroit native claimed he was terminated after a female supervisor became aware he was also a porn star. He told the news outlet that his employers informed him he was being let go because they wanted to cut costs – though he believes that wasn’t the case.

“We got a new senior supervisor a few weeks ago, and she kept hinting,” Legendary, who resides in Los Angeles, said. “She was like ‘You look familiar, have we met before?’”

“I work remote, so she would only see me on Zoom,” he stated. “[But] she kept mentioning it.” The adult entertainer said curiosity led him to start recording amateur porn a year after he landed the aerospace engineering job.

He revealed that he was initially in the “hotwife lifestyle”, adding that he would “f–k wives while the husbands would film me, so I was doing that and I was comfortable with husbands filming.”

Legendary said he later started exploring the possibility of monetizing his sex work. “I was f–king these wives for free. I was just doing that as my Saturday night hobby, my kink I did on the weekend. What would it be like to f–k pornstars and get paid for it?” he disclosed.

He also stated that though he earned more money at his former places of work, he decided to take up remote work because of its flexibility, the New York Post reported. “I figured I could moonlight as a pornstar and get a couple of extra dollars,” he said before referring to how costly it is to stay in Los Angeles. 

Legendary said he subsequently set up an OnlyFans account and recorded adult content over the weekend and when he was on lunch breaks. He also said he signed a “conflict of interest” document and did not try to keep his other job a secret.

“You have to notify the company that you’re doing another job,” he stated. “I did mention that I had another job, and I noted that it was in an unrelated industry.”

Legendary’s popularity as an adult entertainer later skyrocketed, leading him to work with professional porn companies. He also said his bosses and colleagues probably learned about his side gig as a result of his appearance on an online reality show titled “For The Love of Lena.” His wife also features on the show. 

Legendary, who has also taken home two AVN Awards (referred to as the “Oscars of porn”) for his erotic performances, said he now intends to become a full-time porn star. The 39-year-old’s February 5 termination came after he won an AVN Award for Favorite Male Indie Creator the month prior, the New York Post reported.

“I’m from Detroit, Michigan and I’m like ‘Hmm, I’d love to be a porn star one day,’” Legendary said about his desire to become a porn star back in the day. “You’d watch your dad’s VHS tapes and be like ‘Man, I want to do that one day,’ but you don’t really think you can actually do it.”

“But when you live LA, you’d be surprised by what you can actually make happen,” he added.

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