Poem: Black Liquid Gold That Rose

Africa Jumping

Mama Africa,
[You are a] beautiful Black rose.

You are like Black liquid gold that rose.
Sunflower that I call Rwanda or Lily of love that reminds us of ex-Zaire. 

Here is [your] moment of celebration,
Tasted dose by dose.

Gabon — here — will be offered like a daisy,
Malawi will compliment you the most.

Blind were those who injured you without cause.

Radiant smile that heals the wounded Souls and keeps on comforting aching Spirits just because….

You glow!

Despite the injustice you have endured and the prejudices stigmatizing by default,
Your Beauty and Intelligence allow us to revolt.

Pain and exploitation, today, are revoked.

You are the comfort of your children,
From Angola to Zimbabwe, you are.

They just have to look at your stance and their strengths gets renewed,
Yet they are [not] from Pluto nor Mars.

Your presence is divine,
How can they be apart?

We share the same spirit, dear brother from Burkina-Faso,
Dear sister from Lesotho,
And fellows from Madagascar.

We were never entrusted with our own wealth,
But today we are. 

And although you are in Burundi and feel like we are far…
From each other,

Closer to Her we are as we make her whole — not just a small part.

You are like Black liquid gold that rose.

My fellow Africans, African Americans, and Caribbean people,
you are Bold and Brown and known by your luscious lips
Or even beautiful nose. 

Being a head of their time, your watch froze.

Black liquid gold that rose.

In this field full of thorns and sunflowers, you rose.

Disposable, they think we all are, just because.
Testing our powers, they attempted and are still trying to inject fear and disasters in to our communities dose by dose.

You are Monumental, that’s your sole cause.

Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: March 25, 2016


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