BY Charles Ayitey, 1:13pm April 12, 2016,

Top African Universities Producing the World’s Brightest

Cairo University (Photo:

As the need and urge for education rises, Africa is becoming well known for an expansion of colleges and a growing number of youth enrolled in universities. These days, competing with a Diploma or Degree – though a necessity for several employers – is becoming obsolete as the demand for an advanced education drives the African university student onto the Masters and Doctorate level.

The quality of a university education obtained in Africa is also improving in step with a transition in the world’s education systems from merely acquiring academic knowledge to discovering relevant skill sets that best fit the global market.

These achievements should not shock anyone; after all, the earliest universities in human history were built right here in Africa. Of all the universities that exist in Africa today, here are 5 that are making history right now.

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