Afrishionista Female Edition — Nancie Mwai

Sandra Appiah June 05, 2011

This week’s Afrishionista is Nancie Mwai, fashion blogger and co-founder of newly launched magazine, Kasha. Ms. Mwai represents all the reasons why F2FA Fashion launched this exciting feature – she represents creativity, style and uniqueness.

Nancie launched her beauty, hair and style blog, The Fashion Notebook, straight from Nairobi, Kenya, in April 2010. It serves as her personal style diary. We are delighted that we got the chance to chat with Nancie.

F2FA Fashion: How did you develop your sense of style? When did you start to appreciate fashion?

Nancie Mwai: I can’t exactly recall when I started being interested in fashion, but I remember I've always wanted to be a designer for the longest time ever. I never got to be one, but I'm an editor of Kasha Magazine, stylist and I love my job. Style is something you develop over time and I'm still developing mine!


F2FA Fashion: Who are your style icons, if you have any?

Nancie Mwai: Anna Dello Russo and Grace Jones. 

F2FA Fashion: What are the top five style pieces that you cannot live without?

Nancie Mwai:  My top five style pieces that I cannot without are my vintage Chanel bag, my heels, my African dress that I got from my mom, my jewelry pieces and my sunglasses.


F2FA Fashion:  What’s your style motto/manifesto?

Nancie Mwai: Life is too short to blend in with the crowd.

F2FA Fashion: What is the one style piece that you cannot live without and why?

Nancie Mwai: One? Wow! My African dress! I got it from my mom, I hold it dear and it’s still a trendy piece and will still be a trendy piece years to come.



F2FA Fashion: Do you have any fashion regrets? For example, what’s the one thing you did for fashion that you wish you didn’t do?

Nancie Mwai: No, I don't have any fashion regrets. Sometimes I look back at my old outfits and I can’t believe that I wore some of that stuff but it was the in thing then, so I don't regret it.


F2FA Fashion: What are your favorite fashion magazines?

Nancie Mwai: My own publication, Kasha Magazine, is my favorite magazine, as well as InStyle, Vogue, and V magazine.



F2FA Fashion: Who are your favorite African fashion designers? Who would you like to work with if the opportunity presented itself?

Nancie Mwai: I love Sheria Ngowi, Mustafa Hassanali, Wambui Mukenyi, James Otieno, Nkwo, Tiffany Amber, Mutiboko, and David Tlale. Because there are so many, choosing one is hard, but I would have to go with David Tlale. He's very versatile and always has a fresh collection every season.


F2FA Fashion: Are you up to date with trends? Do trends define your style?
Nancie Mwai: Yes, I am up to date with trends, but I never let them define my style. It’s very easy to be fashionable, but style is something acquired overtime, whether you're following trends or not! I don't necessarily follow all trends but I incorporate them into my style.

F2FA Fashion: Do you have any tips for the next Afrishionista?
Nancie Mwai: Be yourself!


So there you have it F2F Africa Fashion readers; Nancie is our third Afrishionista! Follow her on Twitter: @nanciemwai. Read her blog: and Support her magazine:

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