BY Nduta Waweru, 2:03am February 01, 2018,

[Answers] How well do you know the diverse cultures of Africa?

1. What’s the name of the country known as the voodoo capital of the continent? Benin

2. Which African country recently legalized polygamy? Guinea.

3. All these African countries celebrate Christmas in January, except one. Which one is it? South Africa

4. Which of the activities below is not practiced in Africa? Impaling cheeks

5. Which African country holds a traditional festival that requires men only to take part in a beauty contest? Niger

6. Which African country gave the world its youngest monarch? Uganda

7. Two African kingdoms ended over 300 years of rivalry in 2018. From which country are they? Ghana

8. All these communities are almost becoming extinct, except one. Which one is it? Zulu

9. Recycling is an age-old tradition for this African community found in East Africa. Daasanach

10. In which African country thrives a community where women beg men to beat them as part of custom? Ethiopia

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