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Art With an Old School Flair—Daryll Cumbie

Art is forever evolving and changing, which is what makes Daryll Cumbie’s paintings so engaging. If you love old Hollywood nostalgia or classic pieces, then you will love his work. His collections are full of colorful and black-and-white acrylics that aren’t easy to find anymore. His old-school taste and talent are rare, which is why F2FA had to catch up with him and see what he’s all about…

What’s your name?
"Daryll Cumbie"Art With an Old School Flair—Daryll Cumbie

Where are you from?
"I was born and raised in New Jersey, currently living in Newark NJ."

How long have you been painting?
"Art has been apart of my life forever. I found myself always painting on something, whether it was paper or canvas, or sneakers or jeans. It didn't matter because people just loved my art so much that they didn't care what it was on, it was always beautiful to them."

How did you learn your craft?
"It's a mix between God, my father, and my brother (May he rest in peace). The first time I can actually remember drawing something good, I had to be 5-years old. My father was painting a picture the size of a household door of Eric Clapton and I remember being so amazed that I wanted to sit down and paint it, the only thing was mine was on paper. Most people would expect a 5-year to sit down and want to paint because they see you doing it, but what they wouldn't expect is how well and close my copy was to his painting. It wasn't perfect, but it was still great and that’s how I discovered I had a talent."

What kind of painting do you specialize in?
"I mainly specialize in Acrylic paints, but truthfully I would paint with anything that sticks. It makes your pieces stand out from the rest being that the textures are different. I always think outside the box. The type of art I do, you can call it vintage with a modern twist. I paint the things people may have forgotten about, it’s my way of keeping them alive. For example, a lot of musicians, actors, actresses, and leaders that meant something once upon a time. You can kind of say I have an old soul in a young body, because most of the stuff I paint was before my time. I love it though."


Are you well versed in other forms of art, such as sculptures, drawing, etc?
"I actually do other forms of art everyday, I’m a Tattoo artist. Current owner of Urban Rockstar Tattoo & Clothing Co. I do graphics on the computer and silk screening from time to time to print shirts for companies and schools as well."

Who or what inspires your work?
"I think what inspires me in my work is the love people once had for these icons, and watching their faces light up when they see my version of them. I love when people see my paintings and say " I remember this", and it brings back memories for them. That’s good enough for me, even if I don't ever sell any of them."

How would you describe your art?
"Very vintage and modern all at the same time, with a burst of color. Its entertainment in itself."

What makes you different from other artists out there?
"What makes my art different is that each one of my paintings have unique trademarks that only I do in every painting. I can't tell you what it is, you have to see for yourself if you can figure it out."

What new projects are you working on?
"Well my latest project is of an old artist himself, Michelangelo, but with a modern twist. I can’t really give all the details away, but just know that it will be like nothing you have ever seen."

What can we expect from your latest project?
I think a person should never expect, therefore you ruin the element of surprise.

Do you have any shows coming up where we can see your work?
"I’m pushing for the March or early April. That’s when most of my shows are every year."

When people see your work what do you want them to walk away with?
"When people walk away from viewing my art, I want them to feel like they just stepped out of a time machine. I want old memories to resurface, and older people to feel young again. My paintings are the fountain of youth lol."

How can people contact you?
"You can contact me at or see some of my work on Facebook under Daryll Cumbie, also follow me on Twitter @Expensivetaste8"


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