Beauty Essentials For Your Eyes

Meghan Reid November 14, 2011

The eyes can be the most important part of your make-up regimen, which is why it’s
crucial to have the right tools. Whether you’re doing a simple everyday look or going
out on the town your eyes have to be on point. There are a couple things you will
always need when it comes to your eyes.

1. Concealer: If you tend to have dark circles around your eyes, concealer is the
best solution to even out your skin in this area. Pat the concealer in never rub
because the skin around your eyes is very sensitive.
2. Primer is crucial if you want your eye make-up to last all day. Apply a small
amount to your eyelids before applying any shadow or liner. The primer will
allow the eye shadow to remain fresh.
3. Once you have applied the primer then you can apply the eye shadow. The
shadow can just be applied to the lids for a simple look or you can apply it up
to the brow bone for a more chic look.
4. Liquid eyeliner is best to use because it shines better than pencil and is easier
to apply.
5. Mascara is the final touch to complete your eyes. Apply the mascara by
holding it close to the lash and then blink. This allows the mascara brush to
easily stretch your lashes.

These simple tools will create a more defined look and should shorten your
beauty routine. It doesn’t take much to have beautiful eyes so investing in just
these few items you will definitely see a difference. You can find all of these
items at your favorite cosmetic store or shop online.

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