Berets are back and they are much more than a fashion statement

Alice Otchere Johnson August 08, 2018

Fashion trends as always, continue to be recycled from the past. Just like skinny shades and waist bags, the berets seem to be slowly warming its way into the hearts and closets of many. We can recount the number of times our favourite celebs have worn this 19th-century popular fashion accessory.

But did this trend ever go away, or has it been making rounds in other spheres than fashion?

Berets have been worn in the past for more serious reasons, as opposed to just being a fashion trend. Revolutionaries such as Fidel Castro, the Black Panther Party, Che Guevara and Thomas Sankara have been linked to the beret.

Thomas Sankara in his signature beret

The beret is worn in Burkina Faso in solidarity of their iconic ex-leader Thomas Sankara, who was president from 1983 till his assassination in 1987. He was highly respected by his African counterparts. His revolutionary ideas and dreams for his nation, even though he was unable to accomplish most of them, make him a hero. He has often times been described as the African Che Guevara.

“Pioneers of the Revolution” in Burkina Faso in starred berets just like Che Guevara’s during Sankara’s regime

Also, the Black Panther Party were known for their black beret uniforms. Recently, American songstress Beyoncé wore a black beret to the pre-Grammy party, a choice influenced by the Black Panther movement.

Beyoncé wore a black beret to the pre Grammy party earlier this year

The red beret is worn many by force groups such as the police. People wore the red beret in mock of the military groups and as an anti-apartheid stance during the apartheid struggle in South Africa. In South Africa today, the red beret is a political symbol of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party.

Leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Julius Malema — Photo Credit:

Regardless of whatever reason you choose to associate the beret with, it has made a return to the fashion scene and we like what we see so far. Check out below how some people are rocking this trend:

Meghan Markle wearing a white beret for the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey in March


Beyonce wearing a beret


What is a fashion trend without good-girl-gone-bad trying it out?


Berets work well on any outfit choice. — Photo via @audaciouskittycat on Instagram


Berets can be paired with matching accessories like scarves, boots and bags of the same colour — Photo via @whatiwear on Instagram


Or match with your actual outfit like this woman in a blue ensemble and a matching beret


This trend works well for men too, as Pharrell proves


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