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BY Francis Akhalbey, 2:00pm February 22, 2020,

Black celebrities who have LGBTQ kids

Magic Johnson with wife Cookie, his daughter Elisa and son EJ Johnson

The debate over LGBTQ rights in the African-American community has been a major topic of discussion, particularly due to the fact that a number of African Americans are socially conservative and use their religious beliefs as a basis to reject such people.

No matter the side of the debate that one may be on – whether for or against, one thing is most certain, and that is black LGBTQ people cut across all classes, be it underprivileged or rich.

Though it’s commendable black LGBTQ acceptance has improved as time has gone by, the stigma still exists and those who aren’t rich and famous usually bear the brunt of it.

Nevertheless, the surge of celebrities unapologetically “coming out” has greatly influenced those who identify as such to come to terms with their sexuality and also be open about it.

Award-winning musician Lil Nas X, after coming out last year, told CBS: “We still have a long way to go, because it’s not like everybody is messing with me now. ‘Of course, somebody who’s listening to me in school right now, it’s like, ‘You’re gay, cause you’re listening to him.’ There’s still lot to be done.”

With that being said, join Face2Face Africa as we highlight black celebrities who have fully supported their kids after they came out as LGBTQ.

Last Edited by:Kent Mensah Updated: February 22, 2020


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