Brooklyn singer traumtized and injured after stranger allegedly yanked off wig from her head

Francis Akhalbey May 30, 2023
Brooklyn-based singer Ashleigh said a man forcefully pulled out a wig she was wearing -- Images via @lizzyashmusic on TikTok

Ashleigh, an aspiring singer in Brooklyn, said she has filed a police report against a stranger who allegedly yanked off a green wig she was wearing after he encountered her on a city street. According to the New York Post, the singer shared a video of the encounter on TikTok, and it has since been viewed over 400,000 times.

She also said she suffered a neck injury from the incident. “Sir! For what f – – king reason?!” Ashleigh is heard asking the man. “This man just took off my wig and kept on walking,” she continues. “There’s demons in NY, I swear.”

The White man behind the alleged incident was later identified as a Manhattan-based lawyer. After forcefully removing the Black woman’s wig, the man is seen smiling and not responding to Ashliegh’s questions.

“For what reason did you take my wig off?” the singer asks before adding: “What made you think that was the good thing to do?”  

As the man continues to smile, the aspiring singer is heard telling him that “it’s not funny.” “You don’t even f – – king know me. Do you hate women or something?” she asks.

The footage also shows the man’s supposed friends trying to do damage control by asking him to apologize. He, however, declines to do that. “[Apologize] For what?” the man asks.

TikTok users who watched the video called the man out for being unremorseful. “It’s the fact his friend kept trying to make him apologize … I know they were so embarrassed to be with him,” a user commented. 

“He literally HURT you all you wanted was an explanation or at least an apology … ” a different user said. Another user also told the aspiring singer to “press charges” as what he did was a case of “assault.”

Ashleigh later shared another video where she said her natural hair and the wig she was wearing had been attached with stabilizing combs. The singer said she suffered neck trauma after the man forcefully pulled out the wig she was wearing, New York Post reported.

“I called the police and I [filed] a report,” she said. “I went to the doctor … the doctor said my neck area is very tense.” She also said she had been prescribed medication by her physician.

Social media users also urged the singer to notify the man’s employers about his actions and report him to the New York City bar association. She was also urged to file a lawsuit against him.

“I did every single thing that certain people have told me to do,” she said in a video on Monday. “Tuesday, I will take action.”

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