‘Can’t wait to look like Wesley Snipes’ – White man takes melanin injections to turn black

Michael Eli Dokosi December 23, 2019
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Not too long ago German model and actress Martina Big came to global attention for her extremely large breast implants and change of appearance from white to a black person.

The 31-year-old former flight attendant claimed having failed to become tanned through sun bathing and sun beds, she underwent a medical treatment in January 2017 which enabled her get the ebony look she craved for.

'Can't wait to look like Wesley Snipes' - White man takes melanin injections to turn black
Martina Big before and after the procedure via yahoo.com

She asserted in a Facebook post that the treatment increased her melatonin production. An observer, however, submitted that melatonin is produced by the pineal gland in the brain whic h helps regulate sleep and wake cycles.

The man going by the name Angel_IKYG also stated melatonin could be bought as a supplement also adding, it regulates the human biological clock. Melanin meanwhile is the pigment which naturally colors the hair and skin. The more presence of melanin, the darker the person.

Big, mentioned earlier, holds that many white women have been in touch to find out the details of her procedure, as well as, her doctor as they wish to also bear the ebony or African look.

For some, it raises questions about the security of Black people if people could be dipped in chocolate, and live among black people passing off as one while being of a different stock.

There’s a discussion to be had also about manipulation of DNA as is the question of if Big and people like her could produce black babies thanks to their procedures.


On the back of Big’s revelation, another white male has emerged seeking to become black. The unnamed man said he has been taking melanin injections for 50 days, noting his nipples are no longer pink while the bottom of his lips is changing color.

“Love looking at myself in the mirror, can’t wait to look like Wesley Snipes.” He intends upping his dosage as well to achieve his goal.  

Black folks seem divided on this new craze by whites – whether to view their imitation as flattery or as a threat.

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