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Why are Nigerians stunned over a feminist who is pregnant?

Grace Ajilore via Twitter

Although feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes and spans social and political movements, some people are unsettled by the advocacy.

The concerned take issue with feminists, who attack patriarchy. Patriarchy being a social system in which men hold primary power and predominate in roles of political leadership, moral authority, social privilege and control of property. Some patriarchal societies are also patrilineal, meaning that property and title are inherited by the male lineage.

Grace Ajilore via Twitter

In Nigeria, there’s a raging online debate involving Grace Ajilore, who describes herself as a blogger and online personality.

Fans took issue with Ms. Ajilore when she announced that she had taken seed on her social media platforms including Twitter.

They allege on countless occasions, she had made videos critical of men which led them to turn down love offerings from them only for her – the ‘anti man’ campaigner – to turn around and get pregnant.

Grace Ajilore

The shock must have come as one put it “she didn’t think she would ever even be with a man.”

Grace Ajilore

In one of her Twitter posts replying to a follower whose husband cheated on her with another woman, Ajilore submitted: “I saw this and it broke my heart a lot of times we kno the answers but we as women we excuse it I still stand on not settling A man who cheats does not love or respect you and that’s period build your kids up when there of age think of you and start dating.”

It gives inkling as to what she would tolerate and what she wouldn’t have under her nose.

But the vocal online personality is not perturbed by those casting aspersions at her. Her supporters rallying to her defense point out the fact that he warned women not to settle for less which is not a general attack on men.

On her love life, she tweeted: “Found the man of my dreams which is what Ive always prayed for every women who watches me I’ve told women to always pick a husband who will love and cherish them not a man who will take advantage we are precious n we should be treated with respect.”

Why are Nigerians stunned over a feminist who is pregnant?
Rasheeda Adams via Facebook

In Ghana, another West African country where the debate about feminism is rife, Rasheeda Adams, a journalist who is also into real estate and one of the notable gender activists in the country has shared pretty interesting happenings in her marriage to a legislator in Ghana’s parliament. The pair are separated and in a series of social media posts, she’s made it known how she virtually had no say in the marriage with her domineering partner.

In her recent Facebook posts, she made it clear no one could stop women from dismantling patriarchy, “while enjoying our men, having awesome sex and birthing our beautiful babies.”

It does appear in Nigeria as well as Ghana, the new crop of educated, self-assured women are keen to call out injustices in the society, biased on conventions which favor men while committing to loving, affectionate and intimate relations with males who value women.

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