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Celebrating Fela Kuti’s legacy with 10 of his most conscious songs

Francis Akhalbey | Content Manager

Francis Akhalbey August 02, 2020 at 09:00 am

August 02, 2020 at 09:00 am | Opinions & Features


Legendary and trailblazing Nigerian musician Fela Anikulapo Kuti was 58 years old when he passed away on August 2, 1997. The “renegade” musician made waves for his nonconformity, ideals and radical character.

Known as the pioneer of Afrobeat, he enjoyed stunning popularity through his music. He was also a human rights activist and Pan-Africanist who faced many issues with Nigerian politicians and law due to the fact that he was confident in speaking his mind either through music or random conversations.

Fela was a creative genius and a thorn in the flesh of politicians and oppressors who took advantage of their positions and power to dictate the way people should live and die. He lived and breathed for freedom and justice for the common people.

Though no more, Fela left a legacy that has lived on and survived for decades with his songs maintaining their relevance today. To celebrate his legacy, Face2Face Africa shares with you 10 of his most conscious songs:


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