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California mom alleges her daughter died after she was bullied in high school bathroom

Photos: Maria Juarez/ABC7

A mother in California has alleged that her 16-year-old daughter, Shaylee Mejia, died following a severe beating by bullies at Manual Arts High School in Los Angeles.

The incident, which occurred in a school bathroom on March 5, was captured on video showing Mejia being dragged by her hair, hitting her head against a stall, and ultimately falling.

The footage also depicts multiple punches exchanged between the girls involved in the altercation, according to Daily Mail.

Mejia’s mother, Maria Juarez, revealed that her daughter had been experiencing headaches for several days following the incident at Manual Arts High School. Despite the discomfort, Mejia continued attending school and even went to a party the following Saturday night.

However, during the party, Mejia collapsed due to a hemorrhage resulting from her brain injuries. She was promptly taken to the hospital but remained unconscious and passed away on March 15.

“Everybody knows about my daughter hitting her head, the teachers too,” Juarez said. “Everybody knows.”

Mejia chose not to inform her mother about the altercation at school because she didn’t want her to worry or miss work. The incident was recorded by fellow students, depicting Mejia being brutally assaulted while bystanders looked on.

Despite experiencing headaches afterward, Mejia continued attending school. At the party, a friend reported that she fell and became unresponsive, according to Juarez. Mejia was hospitalized and placed on a ventilator following the incident, as depicted in poignant photos. She passed away six days later on March 15.

Her mother suspects that Mejia’s death resulted from the severe injuries sustained during the school bathroom altercation. However, the official cause of death remains undetermined, and investigations are underway. Los Angeles police say they will examine claims suggesting that Mejia fell down a flight of stairs on the night of the party.

Juarez, who works as a housekeeper and provides for her family, alleged that her daughter had been subjected to bullying for months, with school authorities failing to intervene.

Mejia had enrolled at Manual Arts High School about eight months ago, following a move with her mother and younger brother. Over time, Juarez noticed bruises on Mejia’s body, which she initially attributed to fights. Juarez documented these injuries with photographs and reported them to school officials and campus police but claims no action was taken.

Despite her efforts, Mejia continued to be targeted by bullies, with several attacks reportedly captured on camera. The mother was only informed about the altercation at school on March 5, after Mejia had passed away.

Juarez also shared that Mejia’s three-year-old brother was profoundly affected by the news of his sister’s death.

“He’s sad,” Juarez said. “He misses his sister. I just, I don’t know. I want to die.”

Manual Arts High School principal Alejandro Macias said: “I am saddened to report the recent death of one of our students off campus.

“On behalf of our entire school community, I want to offer my deepest condolences to those who are impacted by this loss, including the student’s family, friends, and teachers.”

Principal Macias requested privacy for those involved and stated that the school is providing support.

A GoFundMe page has been created to assist Mejia’s family with funeral expenses.

“We are trying to save money to help Shay’s mom with the funeral expenses anything helps please help us put Shaylee to rest her death was very tragic to many of us,” it read.

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