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Chicago man gifted car after saving unconscious person who fell on electrified rail track

Anthony Perry saved an unconscious man who fell on electrified rail tracks -- Image via CBS News

A Chicago man was gifted a car for his heroics after he saved an unconscious person who fell on an electrified rail track. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the city’s police department and the founder of the “Telling Don’t Shoot” organization, Early Walker, gifted Anthony Perry a 2009 Audi for his bravery.

During the presentation, District Commander Roderick Watson said it was prudent for law enforcement officials to throw their weight behind Perry.

“This is what we need more of. Police can’t be everywhere at all times,” said Watson. “This is a perfect example of what we need out here to help support our efforts. Now, we have a citizen who actually took charge, jumped in and should be recognized. … Maybe later on what we can do is pull him to the side and recruit him.”

The June 6 incident occurred after Perry alighted from a train. He saw two men who were squaring up for a fight before one of them later fell on the tracks. The man, who was unconscious, had his hand stuck under an electrified rail. 

But as people pulled out their phones to record what was happening, Perry sprung into action. He ended up pulling the man from the electrified rail tracks before administering CPR with the assistance of a bystander.

“When I looked back on the video and I listen, it sounded like everyone was in fear … no one actually did anything, they just wanted to record,” Perry said. The video of his heroics has since gone viral on social media.

“Everybody is about the views, about going viral but no one helps,” Walker said. “We just wanted to honor you, we want more Anthonys in the world.”

Perry said his life will become “way easier” thanks to the gift. 

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