Crazy things black people do to lighten their skin

Farida Dawkins June 20, 2018
Lil' Kim, before and after her drastic transformation...The Daily Beast

Many black people are familiar with the adage, “white is right.” This notion suggests that everything wrong with the world stems from darkness or the color black. Purity, chastity and being fabulous is associated with the color white.

According to urban dictionary, “white is right” means ”If you have a white skin color you are correct about anything and everything without argument.”

Most of us do not subscribe to this ridiculousness; nevertheless, some do and use drastic means to change their dark skin. They believe that lighter skin will afford them more beauty, more opportunities and sadly, more love.

Scroll through to learn about the crazy things some black people do to be light-skinned.

Last Edited by:Nduta Waweru Updated: June 20, 2018


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