As the festive season beckons, here’s the ‘Black Girl Magic Poodlepuffs’ for people of color to try

Michael Eli Dokosi December 12, 2019
‘Black Girl Magic Poodlepuffs’ via Shanillia26 on YouTube

As the year concludes and the festive season beckons, many parents and guardians will be looking to have nice hairstyles done for their children and wards.

For African-Americans and people of color with fluffy hair or soft and light hair, there’s a challenge with stylist settling on the right style to do because some simply have little experience with such hair.

But we are in luck as a stylist going by the name Shanillia26 on YouTube has come to the rescue with a demonstration of how to do ‘Black Girl Magic Poodlepuffs’ to look radiant, dashing and charming.

To get the Poodlepuffs, Shanillia26 submits there’s need to create sections on the scalp and then tie them down with rubber bands.

She urges opting for water based conditioners after which the poddlepuffs can be got. They can be rolled in several shapes and sizes. For the hair style to last a good period, she urges tucking the ends away in small balls to prevent fraying.

To get ‘Black Girl Magic Poodlepuffs’ though can take as long as three hours but those beautiful, easy-on-the-eyes hair style is worth every minute of its making.

Check the video out:

Last Edited by:Kent Mensah Updated: December 12, 2019


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