You can actually eat this bowl in South Africa after taking your soup

Theodora Aidoo December 02, 2019
Munch Bowls made from wheat and can be eaten as part of your meal - Pic Credit:

A company in South Africa is on a mission to save the planet from plastics. It is cutting down the use of plastic dishware through its eco-friendly bowls of soup.

The South African Startup, Munch Bowls has created an edible bowl which can hold hot soup for up to five hours and it is made from wheat.

Apart from the fact that the beautiful bowls can be eaten as part of your meal, it is biodegradable and vegan. It has a shelf life of 15 months and can hold any food, according to the company.

You can actually eat this bowl in South Africa after taking your soup
Munch Bowls have a shelf life of 15 months and can hold hot soup for five hours – Pic Credit: Instagram

The company’s motive of creating the bowls is to reduce waste created from disposable containers, or the products, as well as, save time spent in cleaning reusable ones.

“Our passion is to inspire a conscious lifestyle by giving an alternative choice to the convenience food, catering and hospitality industry, locally and internationally,” Georgina de Kock, the inventor said.

The edible bowls have already sold to hotels and companies in the hospitality industry in South Africa, Belgium, Singapore and Dubai according to the StartUp.

The bowls which are used at picnics, parties and corporate events, were initially hand-made until the demand shot up drastically. In a bid to keep up with the increasing demand, the company has had to resort to using a machine. The new machine could produce 500 bowls every hour.

Výsledek obrázku pro munch bowls
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Munch Bowls was launched in 2014 by artist and entrepreneur Georgina de Kock who worked at food markets and serving with keen interest and worry the amount of plastic packaging.

“I was looking around and just noticing all the rubble that is created by us humans, and it really started irritating me,” de Kock stated.

She went on to create these bowls which, according to her, has nutritional values and are handy. “Whatever you can put on a plate, you can put in the bowl. It’s the perfect size to hold in your hand.”

You can actually eat this bowl in South Africa after taking your soup
Munch Bowls stay crispy even after holding soup for five hours – Pic Credit:

Comparing the use of plastics to Munch Bowls, Kock said plastics add anything but pollution but “If you take a taco, if you take a wrap, anything like that, you can eat it, it adds value to your food.” It’s no use saving the world when you give people food that is not good for them, she added.

The bowls are made from rooibos extract, a South African plant and with all natural ingredients.  Whether you need a bowl for soup or desserts, Munch Bowl comes in handy and because you can chew the crispy bowl after eating the content, no waste is created.

The company is really keen on saving the world and hopes to incorporate other products such as spoons, coffee cups and containers for meals on flights.

The UN has observed that we produce about 300 million tons of plastic waste every year but only 14% of that is recycled. “The world is facing a pollution crisis,” said de Kock. “We need to do something now.”

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