BY Mark Babatunde, 4:00pm May 24, 2017,

Man Sentenced 4 Years in Jail for Racist Attack on Somali Woman in U.K.

Gallacher's attack on the pregnant Somali woman resulted to a miscarriage. Photo Credit: Daily Mirror

David Gallacher, a British man, has been sentenced to a four-year jail term for his racially motivated assault on a Muslim Somali woman at a co-op store in the U.K.

Samsam Haji-Ali, 34, and her husband, Abdullah Sulamain, 40, were attacked by Gallacher, 37, in the car park of a mall in Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, on August 4th last year, after a row over queue-jumping while waiting in line, according to the Daily Mail.

Screaming at the expectant Mother, Gallacher, said, according to prosecutors, “You come here with your clown outfit on, you f***ing people, you are the f***ing problem in this place.” He then attacked her as she sat in the car repeatedly kicking her in the stomach despite her screams that she was pregnant.

Gallacher then reportedly turned on Sulamain when he tried to try calm him, smacking his head with a bottle of wine and a bag of ice.

The attack left Haji-Ali rolling on the floor in agony and resulted in a miscarriage three weeks later; her husband also had a four-inch cut across his face that required stitches.

Delivering his sentence, Judge Francis Sheridan of the Aylesbury Crown Court called Gallacher a “shabby racist” and described his actions as “vile.”

‘This lady’s pregnancy was absolutely fine before she attended that shop and the defendant kicked her again in the stomach having been told she was pregnant,” Judge Sheridan said.

‘There was a racial element to this attack. The defendant is a shabby racist on the language that he used toward this lady.

“It is time you learned that your vile conduct and abhorrent views are a thing of the past.”

Gallacher was sentenced to three years and seven months for the racist attack and another four months for the assault on an officer, after he admitted to assault by beating and two counts of racially or religiously aggravated assault.

Gallacher will, however, be eligible for automatic parole after serving less than two years in prison and will spend the rest of the term on license.

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