Dr. Atuahene on Joining Efforts with Face2Face Africa

Sandra Appiah November 12, 2011

Dr. Atuahene on Joining Efforts with Face2Face AfricaDr. Richard Owusu Atuahene is the president and CEO of Rapsoco Group of companies. He is an accomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist with 10 successful business set ups including Rapid Solutions Inc, Rapsoco Media and Entertainment, Amerigest Home Health Aide, Rapsolco Microfinance, Foxwood Group Insurance Co, Rapsolco Real Estates, Rapid Solutions Travel and Tour, Rapsolco Oil and Transport, Clear Vision Consulting and Richard Atuahene Foundation.

Dr. Atuahene has a wide range of experience in business consulting and development,
accounting, media consulting, banking, project management, marketing and advertising. Richard Atuahene has had professional education in Ghana (University of Ghana), The United Kingdom (Milton Keynes College) and the United States (Kean University, Harvard Law School and University of Phoenix). He is a CDPE and a Certified International Negotiator from Harvard Law School, USA. He is currently a member of AICPA, NAIFA, CDPE, THENAE, ACFE, ASTA, OSSN and TRUE. Dr. Atuahene is a true professional and has received recognition from Face2Face Africa with the IAAPA Award.

In a special interview with Dr. Richard Atuahene, he said, “over a long period of time Africa has faced a lot of problems. Some of which are cultural, educational, developmental, industrial and a host of others”. As a result, our continent has been burlesqued and travestied by the rest of the world. Our image has been thwarted and we seem to be losing ourselves in the global world which most countries from other continents like India, Brazil and China have been able to take advantage of. However, all is not lost and that is the primary reason we are gathered here this evening to join in one accord with FACE 2 FACE Africa to help rebrand and restore the image of Africa."

He continued to say that, an important aspect to the rebranding is the need to reappraise our inherited cultural traditions to come to the terms of the global community. Culture, he said, undoubtedly is the identity of people. "We are Africans because of our culture and therefore we must hold it in high esteem. However, we need to ensure that this culture of ours is packaged to reflect the transitions of the world and the challenges of this new age. This must reflect in our businesses and our daily lives."

Face2Face Africa is keen to ensure that this important aspiration is attained. But they are not in this alone because when the good name of Africa is restored all Africans will become beneficiaries. He therefore challenged everyone that evening to join Face2Face in achieving this goal.

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