Make-Up Application Tips for Eye Shadow, Eye Shape

Renarda Joy August 18, 2014

Eye Shadow

I hope you’re enjoying all that summer has to offer you, from BBQs to beach time to makeovers. I’m known to tell my clients that a “little goes a long way”!  Today, I want to go over a few ways to maximize your favorite eye shadows and provide tips for every eye shape.

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How To Apply Your Favorite Hue

Fluffy brush

Fluffy brush

  • Give your lids a sheer wash of color by lightly dabbing a dry fluffy brush in to your shadow
    Stiff Liner Brush

    Stiff Liner Brush

    and blending it from lashes to creases.

  • Want drama-defined eyes? Run a small, stiff liner brush through your shadow then rim your lashes.
  • If your personality is BOLD, we got you covered too! Dampen your brush slightly before dipping in to your shadow.  The water will intensify the color.

Did You Know…

Picking the right tools and brushes is what contributes to a flawless look.  Some prefer brushes, sponges, or even their fingers.

Personally, I work with a combination of all the above. I love using my fingers, especially when working with concealers; the warmth from my fingers melts the product in to the skin.

However, shorter bristles gives me more control and accuracy, which is great for lining and definition.

On the other hand, longer bristles are softer and less precise, making them better for blending and subtle effects.

When blending, blend in a back and forth motion like a windshield wiper.  One should never be able to tell the beginning or the ending of your color.

But beware of the muddy waters! Don’t overblend when working with multiple eye shadow colors as the color will turn brown – and that is not what you’re looking to achieve!

Tips for Every Eye Shape

Small Eyes​

Supersize eyes with light colors. Just like black and dark colors makes you look smaller, dark Make-up for different eye shapescolors make your small peepers smaller.

If you use liner, only apply to the top lid and only add mascara on your upper lashes and the center of your bottom lashes. You want to draw attention to the center of your eye.

Close-Set Eyes​

Pay extra attention to the outer corners to draw attention outward.  Leave the inner sections and corners clean. Apply only one coat of mascara, but if you want a second coat,  only apply it to the lashes on the outer edge.

Hooded Eyes​

Flat lids with no obvious crease – like Asian eyes — tend to have smaller eyes. Create the illusion of bigness by creating a crease.

Dust a light shadow all over the eyelid, then swipe a darker hue about a quarter of an inch above your lash line.

Now go grab your favorite eye shadow and go for one of the effects we went over today keeping in mind your eye shape!

Please feel free to share your looks at so we can share.

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