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Fashion icon reveals how a dream he had in Africa inspired luxury bag designs in the U.S.


During his second cycle education in the U.S., the anticipation of his parents was that the Founder and Executive Creative Director of ORIJIN CULTURE, Archyn Orijin, will become a computer programmer. In fact, he walked a short stint after his studies in computer information systems to become a web designer and developer in Philadelphia.

According to the fashion icon, even though he did not get any schooling in fashion design, he considers himself a natural-born artist. He said he found joy working with artisans where he picked his early skills and gravitated towards designing accessories when he returned to Ghana to connect with his roots.

Orijin said he wanted to venture into producing compelling designs that would tell the African story and the superiority of the Black culture.

He recounted that while in Ghana, he observed that many persons in the Diaspora wanted an opportunity to reconnect deeper with Africa, but, felt a sense of distance for one or another reason.

He said in an interview that he started the Orijin culture community with a magazine he launched at W.E.B. Dubois’ home in Ghana. For 10 years, he produced a lot of content hoping to fill the void in black history and shove down the stereotypes many in the Diaspora have been battling with. However, he felt there was more that needed to be done.

The fashion designer said he felt he could connect more if he produced wearable art the Diaspora community will be proud of. That’s how his luxury bag collection found itself on the shelves in the U.S. and a sensation on social media.

He said his aspiration was given a boost after he had a dream of a woman walking down a long aisle with Africa on her back and a crowd respectfully acknowledging her.

According to him, that dream inspired the designs of the bags he created in the beautiful image of the African continent.

Orijin said he is not surprised his purses designed in the form of Africa have become a sensation among the Black community. He said the Orijin culture carries the ancestral spirit of Africa and the potential of connecting the Diaspora with its roots.

“My greatest passion is in connecting all African Descendants together and contributing to the development of Africa,” he said.

According to him, users of Orijin bags should make a bold statement beyond fashion. The empowerment they draw from using his products should stand out, he stressed.

He added that the Africa purses and bags he designs also carry a subtle message of activism against Black injustice and consciousness.

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