Poem For Real Dads

Diolu Tobechukwu September 22, 2014

African fathers and sons

As I beheld my dad’s face on the hospital bed, hoping he gets better, I reminisced on all the great men who worked hard to give their kids a future during my childhood…as well as those that walked away.
Every man at one point wants to be called “Daddy,” but its not a title, it’s a responsibility. That is why real Dads deserves an applause.

He held my hand as we crossed the road;
Covering me with his cloak, he never leaves me cold;
Waking up at the slightest sound at the middle of the night;
Checking to see if I’m asleep, he gently turns off the light;
With words of prayer, he starts the day;
In words and deeds, leading me all the way;
He’s masculinity appears frightening, as he scolds;
But his presence is refreshing as he gently holds;
He works all day long to pay the bills;
Goes further to ensure we have balanced meals;
He’s wife is his queen and his mum his pride;
He teaches, corrects, instructs, and guides;
Holding on to his precious kids as he never strays;
He isn’t perfect but at least he stayed;
To those men…
Leaders, Guardians, and Fathers;
You’re heroes even without special powers;
You Give, you lead, You Feed, and you Breed;
Not mixing words with contrary actions, u sowed a good seed;
You never came home drunk in the middle of the night;
Or hit mum with ur fist after a fight;
You didn’t bail when things got tough;
Or leave a suicide note when things were rough;
You had a life; you cherished it…
You had a family; you kept it….
I’m Glad…
You’re my Dad.

Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: March 25, 2016


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