Fitness Tip 108: Don’t Believe Me Just Watch!

Coach Cass September 01, 2015

Cassandra Nuamah, Coach Cass

So I immediately want to cue the “don’t believe me just watch!” part of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ No. 1 hit “Uptown Funk.” As I was listening to these words, though, it made me reflect a bit and I got a new burst of inspiration and motivation so of course I’d like to share it with you!

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How many times have you made serious statements or declarations concerning your health, career, finances, or relationships and then had someone immediately give you the side eye or chuckle because they don’t believe you? [Raises hand]

We’ve all been there.

Well, it’s time to not only make others believers but make yourself a believer! How can you expect others to even begin to believe you if you can’t even envision and believe it yourself! There is no better feeling in the world than making what was thought to be impossible, possible, and what was seen as some far off dream, a reality.

What is that for you?

– Your dream career?
– Your finances
– Your best shape
– An amazing relationship?

Whatever it may be, once you believe that something can be done, no force on earth will be able to stop you no matter what restrictions you find along your way.

You will find a way or make one. It’s that simple.

Nelson Mandela said it best: “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Make us believers!! You can and you will do it! Make up your mind and it’ll happen — come hell or high water!

Eat This, Not That
Nutritional Tip of the Week

For your food, try and eat:

– Dark Chocolate instead of Milk Chocolate
– Olive Oil instead of Butter
– Sweet Potato instead of White Potato
– Brown Rice instead of White Rice
– Fruit instead of Cookies
– Baked or Grilled fish instead of Fried
– Grilled or Baked Chicken instead of Fried
– Whole Grain Bread instead of White Bread
– Fruit instead of a Sugary Snack Bar

Chair Workout

Fit Tip of the Week 

Get your chair and work those arms, legs, and core by pushing your body out of the chair with your arms. While listening to Afrobeat banger “Bend Down Pause,” featuring Wizkid, try to do as many as you can in one minute then rest 30 seconds. Work out to .

Watch my chair exercise here:

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