Five benefits of Aidan fruits you probably didn’t know

Ama Nunoo February 25, 2021
health benefits of aidan fruit

Aidan fruits belong to the pea family and are native to West Africa. It is scientifically known as Tetrapleura Tetraptera and hailed as ‘wonder fruit’ by many. However, all the parts of the tree, from its bark to leaves and most certainly the fruits, have some health benefits and have been used in traditional African homes for centuries.

The fruit has a distinctive aroma that wards off insects. It is mainly used as a spice, dietary supplement, or medicine in many West African homes.

In Nigeria, the Yoruba refer to it as Aridan, the Igbos call it Osakrisa while it is popularly referred to in Ghana as Prekese.

When used in soups, the seeds lend their flavors to the dish giving it a sweet taste. Aidan is very nutritious as it is filled with essential phytochemicals and nutrients that are vital for our body.

Here are five health benefits of the Aidan fruit.

It regulates blood sugar levels

According to studies, the fruit can reduce glucose levels during fasting and non-fasting hours. Thus, it controls diabetes because a study on rats indicates it helps treats Type 2 diabetes.

Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

The plant has microbial and antibacterial properties that can treat skin diseases. When added to soaps, they treat bacterial infections and inflammations. The extracts work on human pathogens that could help relieve pains from arthritis and rheumatoid pains.

Lowers blood pressure

The essential phytochemicals in the plant have immense benefits for the cardiovascular system which in turn treats heart-related diseases and reduces high blood pressure. It also regulates the oxidation levels of hypertension patients.

Boosts the immune system

Aside from enjoying the flavors it lends to meals, the plant is a rich source of vitamins, iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, and magnesium that help boost the immune system.

The zinc protects the body against viral and respiratory infections; iron increases blood levels, and potassium and calcium strengthen the bones while preventing and managing muscle disorders.

Weight loss and anti-aging properties

The Aidan fruit can be used to make teas that aid in weight loss. It is said to have the ability to detoxify the body hence getting rid of toxins from the system, aiding in overall body health and weight loss. For its anti-aging properties, it is advisable to keep using it as a spice in meals or soak in water and drink as detox water.

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