Five movies you must watch if you want to be a millionaire

The Pursuit of Happyness. Photo: Motivational Gyaan -

You may have read almost all the books in this world about entrepreneurship; books from fruitful businessmen who have put their thoughts and journeys into words.

You were supposed to grab some lessons and success tips from these books, but these seem not to be working.

Why wouldn’t you switch things up a bit and focus on movies?

There are so many thought-provoking movies out there that will give you the inspiration you need to succeed in business. Here are some of them:

The Pursuit Of Happyness

Set in the early-’80s San Francisco, the 2006 film is a true-life story of a single father who went from living on the streets to owning his own brokerage firm. As a salesman, he had believed so badly in a product but this product failed him. He lost his house, wife, and money, and was now left with his son. But he managed to succeed despite the setbacks.

Imitation of Life

In the 1959 movie, “an aspiring actress befriends a black widow, but trouble arises when the latter is rejected by her daughter, who tries to pass for white.” It is believed that this movie is the actual story of Aunt Jemima pancakes.

The Shawshank Redemption

The 1994 movie tells the story of a man who was falsely imprisoned for the murder of his wife and her lover. While in prison, he formed a friendship with another convict called Ted, played by Morgan Freeman. Through this friendship and other factors, he succeeded despite the difficulties.

Krush Groove

In the 1985 movie based on the early days of Def Jam Recordings, “up-and-coming manager Russell Walker manages all the hottest acts on the record label Krush Groove Records, which include Run-D.M.C., Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, and Kurtis Blow, while Rick (Rubin) produces the label’s records,” writes IMDb. “When Run-D.M.C. has a hit record and Russell doesn’t have the money to press records, he borrows money from a street hustler. At the same time, Russell and his brother Run both compete for the heart of R&B singer Sheila E.”

Strictly Business

Directed by Kevin Hooks and starring Tommy Davidson, Joseph C. Phillips, and Halle Berry, the 1991 film is all about how a mailroom clerk rose from a low-level worker to junior executive and then to the C-suite.

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