Five old fashion styles that have made a comeback

Deborah Dzifa Makafui September 08, 2022
Mom jeans. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/ Sosostein

Over the years, fashion trends change frequently, yet the majority of them return. The trends are constantly changing, much like fashion is. We have a handful of the ’90s fashion mainstays that are currently in style, much as polka dots from the 1950s through the 1960s continue to be loved.

There are some outfits that have been endorsed by the fashion world and are making a comeback in our closets, from mom jeans to oversized sweaters. These clothes don’t necessarily need to be worn the same way they were in the 1990s. These 1990s fashions are timeless with some creative styling.

Mom jeans 

You recognize the style: high waist, loose-fitting leg with just the right amount of taper at the ankle, which is typically rolled up and finished with a sandal or other delicate footwear. The mom jeans are back! Nowadays, mom jeans are back on the shelves, which is great news for those of us who prefer a little extra room. Skinny jeans are no longer the only type of pants available in stores. The most comfortable pants for the present season are undoubtedly wide-leg jeans. Earlier, crop tops were the only clothing item worn with wide pants. However, they are increasingly also worn with blazers.

Cargo pants 

The first time cargo pants were worn was by the British military in 1932 as a part of their Battle Dress Uniforms.

These new and improved cargo trousers are far more form-fitting and edgy than the shorts or cargo pants we’re all ashamed to have worn in the 1990s! For a cool, casual style, slim-fit cargo pants can be worn with modern sneakers and graphic t-shirts.

Corset Dresses

The corset, a garment that is constantly on the verge of a comeback in fashion circles, has recently gained much more popularity. The period romance television series Bridgerton has sparked a surge in enthusiasm among women. Corsets were first fashioned from bulkier materials. By the 18th century, stiffeners made of steel and bone had been added to them. They were worn at the time to constrict the hips and breasts of women’s bodies, giving them a cone-like appearance. Recently, corsets are not a necessary part of formal attire, not even for the royals, so if a lady is wearing one now, it’s likely because she wants to, just like the majority of women did in the 19th century, neither more nor less.

Crop tops

Crop tops have been a popular choice for athleisure, ethnic attire, and pairing with denim. We had no idea, though, that crop top fashion truly dates back to the 1990s. The miniskirts and wide-legged pants would thereafter be worn with the crop tops. However, we now have a wide selection of clothing with which to pair our crop tops. And it seems crop tops aren’t going anywhere soon. 

High-waisted jeans

This particular style is gender neutral. High-waisted jeans have been popular again for a few years, and they won’t be going out of style anytime soon. These pants have remained popular throughout the ages, and they have evolved to meet the requirements of the most recent fashion trends. We’re happy that high-waisted jeans are back in style because they first gained popularity in the 1980s.

Well, that’s not all that has made a comeback. It is imperative to state, fashion from the 1990s is always in style, and recently, we’ve seen even more inventive ways to wear these chic clothes. We can never refuse a fantastic Y2K moment, that much is certain.

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