From food stamps to multi-million dollar enterprise – How this couple did it

Abu Mubarik July 03, 2021
Jamal and his wife met on Facebook. Photo: Instagram/jamalmiller

Jamal and Natasha Miller met on Facebook, fell in love, and committed to a union. However, the couple had to make some humbling decisions in their lives in order to keep food on the table while working hard to build their business.

They took the decision to get on food stamps to support their family. Today, Jamal and Natasha are enjoying the fruits of their labor. They have officially become real estate investors, purchasing their first commercial property in Chicago.

“A little over 4 years ago Natasha and I had to make one of the most humbling decisions of our life,” Jamal shared on Instagram. “That was to get on food stamps in order to keep food on the table while I struggled to find consistent work while building our business.”

“Well, today we got to experience the FRUIT of that hard season as we officially became real estate investors with the purchase of our first commercial property here in Chicago,” he added. “My encouragement to all….stay focused on what GOD PROMISED and PUT IN THE WORK till it comes to pass.”

The couple built their online education company without any formal knowledge in business management or development. Beyond that, Jamal and Natasha were determined to build a business legacy they can pass on to their children.

Before Jamal and Natasha met, the former was pursuing a life towards full-time ministry. He was living his life as a junior pastor after obtaining his degree in theology. He was exploring other means to minister when he met Natasha on Facebook.

“We put our purpose in frames that make sense to our current understanding. God does not have frames,” Jamal shared on the Anthony ONeal podcast. “God is not limited to one context. And that’s what I was doing. I was limiting myself to one context that made sense to me. I said I was going to be in ministry and now I was a youth pastor making $500 per month.” 

They started a blog called to teach young people about having a relationship in God’s way. In just under a year, the popularity of the millennial coup skyrocketed their success from mere bloggers to celebrity entrepreneurs, according to Forbes. In the first quarter of 2017, Jamal’s blog grossed $500,000.

Without a formal education in business, the couple delegated tasks to others, worked with consultants while investing in their business knowledge as well as in business coaches.

Jamal shared his success journey at the popular business conference Traffic Sales And Profit Live, headed by one of his business coaches, Lamar Tyler.

Jamal and Natasha are also the founders of Miller Media Group, a thriving digital marketing and e-learning company based in Chicago. On its website, Miller Media Group says its “mission is to transform people from the inside out by creating and mobilizing brands that herald God’s voice through all forms of media.

“Our high-energy team moves at a fast pace but is collaborative in working together to produce quality, high-impact products. Our daily operations consist of the launching and managing of multiple e-learning brands with a collective community of over 50,000 students.”

 On his Instagram page, Jamal reveals that Miller Media Group is an eight-figure enterprise.

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