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Get out of your heads African millennials!

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African millennials are a unique bunch.  We have a combination of tradition and forward-thinking ideas.  We appreciate and observe our unique values yet we yearn to step out of the box and formulate our own life path. Our morals and ideals may conflict yet if we’re able to find a healthy balance we can add some pretty special elements to the world around us.

It’s okay to be different

Gone are the days of undertaking traditional roles such as housewife or the standard career choices of nurse, doctor, and lawyer. Of course, there is nothing wrong with the before mentioned, nevertheless, we won’t be pigeonholed into what others think the “ideal career or path” is for us.

Things will not go as planned

As the old adage goes we plan and God laughs. I’m guilty of this too. I have this huge need for the items on my checklist to be completed or else I feel very uncomfortable. When I feel a slight loss of control I feel out of sorts. I’m still learning that my desire doesn’t outweigh the natural order of how circumstances are meant to occur.

Embrace your quirkiness

We all have that unique quality that makes us spark.  The fact that we stand out because of it at seemingly inopportune times may make us uncomfortable.  Just keep doing you.

Get out of your head

Overthinking kills dreams. It invites doubt and causes abandonment of ideas. If you keep pondering a certain thing, do it.

If he or she is not the one, it’s fine

We tend to have a picture in our head of who our dream mate should be.  What our love life should look like and a time frame of how all of this should go down. Love is a complicated journey and although not widely recognized in my opinion due to societal pressures, the journey begins with you. You have to “get” you first before anyone else can.

Silencing yourself isn’t the answer

Many of us have been raised with the notion that respect is of paramount importance which is true. However, I feel as though it has been used as a way to silence our power. If we voice an opinion, we are seen as difficult. We have to strike a delicate balance yet it’s imperative that we stay true to our ideals and express them as needed. Our livelihood depends on it.

The path to success is rarely straight

We may not get that dream job until much later than we expect;  Even when we do, we may discover it’s not what we’d like to do further on down the line. We may float from job to job until we find our niche. We may really love a job and unfortunately, get fired.  There are many obstacles that lie before us and we may get distracted but staying the course is necessary.


Often times especially with the huge influence of social media in our lives, we’re exposed to the lives and happenings of so many people we admire or love.  When we’re not quite at the level we’d like to be, doubt can creep into our minds and enable us to second guess ourselves.

The way of our parents may not be for us


What would you add to the list? Let us know in the comment section.


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