Ghana’s stretch marks, bowlegs, and bleached skin criteria for recruitment ridiculous

Farida Dawkins January 09, 2018
Ghana Immigration Service Parade

The Ghanaian Immigration Service (GIS) has come under scrutiny after applications were sold to 84,000 individuals for only 500 positions available at the governmental agency. The application cost was 50 Cedis ($10.97).  To add insult to injury, now applicants are being disqualified for having tattoos, stretch marks, bow legs, and bleached skin; in an effort to alleviate the gigantic employment pool.

Superintendent Michael Amoako-Attah who also serves as the agency’s public relations officer stated “The kind of work we do, it’s strenuous and the training is such that if you have bleached skin or surgical marks on your body during training exercises, you may incur some bleedings.”

This is an outrageous way of conducting business. The conundrum here is the fact that thousands were duped into thinking they had an opportunity for gainful employment when the individual or individuals who collected the funds were the ‘winner.’ Some may argue that stunts like this are what encourage the influx of corruption and scams.  It’s difficult to stay on the straight and narrow when doing so can leave you jobless and distrustful.

This is a call for a major governmental reform.  I understand this will take time and will receive backlash from many nonetheless it is needed. The youth are the ones greatly and negatively affected.

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