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Ghanaian Man Rapes 4-Year-Old Girl But ‘gods’ Say He’s Innocent

A four-year-old girl fightingfor her life in Central Ghana after she was raped by a neighbor. Photo credit: My Joy Online

A 4-year-old girl in Assin Adadientem Municipality in central Ghana is fighting for her life after she was brutally raped by a neighbor when her mother was away attending a funeral.

Shockingly, the area chief has allegedly refused to take action against the suspect, claiming the “gods” say he is innocent.

It is reported that the suspect locked the 4-year-old girl in the toilet and raped her after he sent the victim’s elder sister to buy him some coconut in the market. He later threatened the young girl with death if she told anyone about the incident.

Upon her return from the funeral the victim’s mother noticed that the young girl didn’t want to take a bath because of the pain and she could not walk or pass urine. After some interrogations the girl confessed to having been raped by the suspect.

So the devastated mom decided to report the incident to the chief, who unfortunately dismissed her claiming that the community gods said the suspect was innocent.

Worrying Trend

According to My Joy Online, rape cases have become quite rampant in the area, with children as young as six months being targeted by men old enough to be their grandfathers. Sadly, the area chiefs are said to be colluding with the perpetrators to obstruct justice.

“It is very rampant here. This year alone, a similar incident happened at Assin Ayitey in which a teacher defiled a 3-year-old child. Within a week, at Assin Lartey, a seven-month-old baby was defiled by her 24-year-old elder brother,” a journalist narrated to My Joy Online.

A little earlier, a 13-year-old girl vending iced water in Assin Awireso was kidnapped by a gang of three men and raped to death. Her body was later found in a nearby forest already decomposed.

Before that, a 52-year-old man in Assin Adiembra is reported to have raped a 13-year-old pupil and no action was taken against him. Then another 15-year-old girl in Assin Awireso was defiled by her step-father as they were tapping palm in the bush.

My Joy Online further reports that last week a 16-year-old girl in Assin Adadientem was abducted by a 32-year-old man and held as a sex slave for three days without food and water.

These incidents are a representation of the unwarranted sexual violence being meted out on young girls and women in many parts of Africa. What’s worse, most of these attacks are not handled with the seriousness they deserve, leaving women feeling vulnerable.

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