Hate traffic? In these African cities you’ll need to plan trips hours ahead

Farida Dawkins September 18, 2018
People walk struggling for space between public transport buses and trucks at the burstling Oshodi bus stop in Lagos 06 February 2006. Lagos is reputed as one of the mostly densely populated city in the world with population more than 14 million...ANP/AFP PIUS UTOMI EKPEI

Traffic can be a huge stressor as it’s an undeniable part of everyday life. Some people spend more time on the roads than they do with their own families.

This notion is worsened as the time we spend at work can also cut into our social life unbalancing our equilibrium on a whole.

Vehicle jams happen all over the globe, but these African cities are notorious for leaving commuters on the road for hours.

INRIX, a global SaaS and DaaS company that specializes in connected car services and transportation analytics, compiled statistics that analyzed 500 terabytes of data concerning traffic around the world.

Information gathered from 5 million miles of road in 1,360 cities were used to formulate INRIX’s Global Traffic Scorecard, as reported by Business Tech South Africa.

Hate traffic? In these African cities you’ll need to plan trips hours ahead

INRIX global traffic rankings…Business Tech South Africa

Ranked by country, South Africa made the list at number eight with 36 peak hours spent in road congestion per year.

Here are African cities where you need to plan way ahead before embarking on a road trip:

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