Here are 5 monumental sites to visit while in Antigua and Barbuda [Photos]

Farida Dawkins November 01, 2018

Remains at the Montpelier Sugar Factory…The Holiday Place

Montpelier Sugar Factory

The Montpelier Sugar Factory produced unrefined dark brown sugar – a sure indicator that not only was Antigua and Barbuda a sugar haven but also slaves were definitely brought onto the island to work in the sugar plantations. The sugar factory came into fruition in 1890 and produced sugar named Muscovado.

In 1945, the factory was taken over by the Antiguan Distillery Ltd so that molasses could be produced.

The sugar factory which went defunct in 1954 because of labor problems; it was situated in Saint Phillips – the island’s most inner parish.

Nonetheless, the ruins of the factory are still frequented by curious tourists, as explained in the International Stationary Steam Engine Society Bulletin.


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