BY Alicia Nunn, 9:00am March 28, 2021,

How 2021 ends the capitalization of Black Girl Magic

Megan Thee Stallion performs onstage during the 63rd Annual GRAMMY Awards at Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles. Kevin Winter/Getty Images

When did the image of women’s empowerment become a blow-up doll? With WAP as the Millennial, Zoomer anthem for women’s sexual liberation, who is really pulling the strings? And who is the real puppet?  

In an Instagram and YouTube world, it can be hard to discern what is real beyond the makeup, staged homes and relationships, luxury brands, wigs, skin bleaching and cosmetic surgery. Social media opened the world to the possibilities of the American dream. But is it a dream, nightmare, or simply an illusion?  

Plastics can be convenient. Lucrative. But they also cause pollution. Cancer. Self-hate.  

“I love my body,” Megan Thee Stallion proclaimed in her sexy 2020 American Music Awards performance. “Every curve, every inch, every mark, every dimple is decoration on my temple. My body is mine and nobody owns it but me. And whoever I choose to let in is so lucky. You may not think my body is perfect and it probably never will be. But when I look in the mirror, I love what I see.”  

The twerk Goddess’ power is an inheritance bequeathed to women of African descent by ancient Matriarchs erased from history during the rise of patriarchy. Ancient Africa was matriarchal, and women were sacred. The exploitation of women can be traced to ancient Greece and Rome when African women with supernatural powers were murdered and demonized.  


In her book, Origins Of The Vodoun Religion In America, Mama Zogbe reveals the truth, “African matriarchies under the auspices of the Sibyls who were the civilizing authority in which all new waves of foreign immigrants, no matter how barbarous, would be gradually subdued and systematically integrated into the main society. However, no matter how “civilized” or culturally assimilated, none of these groups were ever allowed knowledge of the mysteries, which remained the exclusive domain of the African priestesshood.

“Even long after their colonization by the barbarous Dorians (Greeks), though they (the Greeks) claimed to be ‘Sons of (the non-Egyptian) Heracles,’ these primitive groups had not yet been tamed and assimilated as the earlier wave of Libyans, Aeolians and Ionian immigrants. Thus, it was  forbidden for them to even enter into the sacred chambers of the Sibyls, whom these earlier Greeks  often worshipped as god/desses… the oracles and prophecies of the Sibyls were employed and trusted universally as the holy word of the Gods and depended upon in all manner of life and sudden travails.” 

The rise of patriarchy coincided with the demonization and erasure of these women from history, including the Torah, Bible, and Koran. Labeled witches because of their supernatural abilities to heal, prophesy and even raise the dead, thousands were piled into fiery pits and incinerated alive. 

According to Mama Zogbe, “During pre-Mohammed Islam, Al-Uzza (‘the almighty, and morning star’), was one of a triune (holy trinity). The other two were ‘Ali-at and Kore.’ These were the principle deities representing the tribes of the original African Muslims. For example, the Kores (Korites) of East and Central Africa are the ancestral clan of Ibrahim (Abraham), who were also worshippers of Mama  Tchamba Al-Uzza.  

“The shrines of this holy trine were located between Al Talf and Mecca. The other African goddesses,  Ma-Anat (goddess of destiny) shrines were located along the road between Mecca and Medina. 

“Many of the followers of Al-Uzza were an ascetic, highly spiritual group of matrilineal nomads and  traders. Each clan was headed by a queen priestess, and a temple haram (harem) of priestesses and  sadhus (ascetic priests). Many of the Abyssinian clans wore their hair in long locs, did not touch the  dead, nor did they attend funerals (even of relatives). They were meticulous about their worship,  hygiene, morals and taboos. They spoke and wrote in Aramaic, Mande, Fulbe, and Houssa (Hausa), the  primary ancestral language. 

“In one out of hundreds of accounts, the Qur’an (Surat al-Buruj 85:4) documents that in 523 (C.E.),  Ethiopian King, Yousef Athar Dhu Nawas, originally an initiate of Al-Uzza, was forced to pile more than  10,000 matriarchs and their clans into a mass Ukhdud (pit) and ordered it set ablaze, because they had refused to convert to any of these emerging competing doctrines. During their scramble to conquer Africa, all of the emerging patriarchal sects clashed, vying for expansion. All competing for her land,  wealth through African enslavement and her mineral spoils. A great number of West Africans enslaved in the New World descend from these original African Islamic ancestral clans, where their founding ancestors and ancient deities are still born to them. Today, just as during ancient times, Mama Tchamba still plays a central and critical role in the West African Vodoun spiritual system.” 

The driving force of this plunge into global bleakness was greed. The insatiable thirst for money and power. Conquest. 

The same driving force for the current capitalization of black girl magic. The Goddess energy brings wealth, joy, love, peace and harmony. Suppression of the Goddesses unleashed greed unchecked like an unparented child. Wild. Poverty is greed’s child.

African descendant women (and men) ghosted by absent fathers (or mothers), or emotionally ghosted by present fathers, attempt to fill bottomless voids. Repeating the same patterns in relationship after relationship to the point of exhaustion. Insanity. 

Gifted by systemic racism with poverty, trauma, mass incarceration, and broken hearts. 

No one has ever been held accountable or brought to justice for the crimes against humanity during the Transatlantic slave trade. Rape. Breeding. Deconstruction of families. Sex trafficking. Sex slavery. 

Sexualization of black women, once taboo, is now normalized. Glamourized.  

The Asherah pole, now known as the stripper pole, was once a sacred tree used in rituals to honor the life-giving force of nature called Asherah, an ancient African Matriarch.  

The Nigerian Money Dance ritual which blesses the union of soulmates has now morphed into “making it rain” at strip clubs. Twerking originated as another ancient African non-sexual ritual.  

“We will certainly do everything we said we would: We will burn incense to the Queen of Heaven and will pour out drink offerings to her just as we and our ancestors, our kings and our officials did in the towns of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem. At that time we had plenty of food and were well off and  suffered no harm.” Jeremiah 44:17  

Asherah is the Queen of Heaven.  

Iconic women of modern times are her descendants. Beautiful, brilliant, bold, talented, powerful black women driven to do whatever it takes to escape their impoverished past and live the “dream” they spent countless hours watching on television. Sacrificing their beautiful faces, bodies and life-giving melanin, sculpted and gifted by the Creator, for a piece of the American pie. We all have our lessons to learn on this life journey and our own path. These powerful women were pre-destined for greatness.  

Goddess Nicki Minaj embodies the power of the African Matriarchs. Born December 8, 1982, the number 8 appears twice in her birthdate, indicating power. Her sun sign is Sagittarius. More power. And she has the most powerful life path number 22/4. The Master Builder. An old soul on Earth to make her mark. And she has, as one of the greatest rappers of all time. Walking in the stilettos of another icon, Goddess Lil Kim. 

According to her Republic Records bio, “Minaj’s father was a severe drug addict with a long history of violence. At one point, he set fire to the family’s home in a failed attempt to kill Minaj’s mother. Those early struggles, Minaj has said, helped fuel her drive to rise above the life her parents knew.”  

Born March 21, 1994, the iconic Clermont Twins also have powerful life path numbers. The Master Number 11/2 is the most intuitive of the life paths. Visionaries. Their sun sign Aries is the ram. Power. If their ancestral wealth wasn’t stolen, then maybe their education, naturally striking faces,  personalities, innovation and blazing talent would be enough to build their empires.  

More than likely their ancestors were royalty, sold into slavery during the Transatlantic slave trade as patriarchy spread into Africa during medieval times.  

In her groundbreaking book, Origins of the Vodoun Religion In America: Reclamation Of A Suppressed Heritage, Mama Zogbé (Vivian Hunter-Hindrew) states, “One of the tragic consequences of the rise of patriarchy throughout Africa, was the suppression and limiting of the sacerdotal, social and political power of the matriarchy. This in turn created a hurried reshuffling and masculinization of the cosmological pantheon and the pyramidal (as opposed to circular) structure of the priestly ranks. Men  (male priests and diviners) placing themselves at its apex as a reflection and validation of the new global  patriarchal order.”

This takeover by men played out in the royal family. According to Mama Zogbe, “This feud was actually a  fight between the local family of Adonon, over Houégbaja’s unauthorized usurpation of her matrilineal brother’s divine right to the throne…“It is she (Adonon) a local Wasa (Ghanian, Anlo-Ewe?) woman, who  is the (ancestral) mother-in-law of Dahomey’s’ first three rulers (Houégbaja, Akaba, Agaja). Meaning that the succession to the throne should have been matrilineal. Adonon and Aligbonu, and her  (Tohwiyo), founding ancestor, are the ones who should have been venerated, and their matrilineal heirs should have ascended to the royal throne.” 

Suppression of the Matriarchs and the resulting conflict was exploited by European invaders of Africa, resulting in our ancestors’ enslavement. 

“However, what should be of interest to the Diaspora is that it was many of these Wassa Guedevi groups and their descendants whom the “dynastic” kings of Dahomey were constantly at war, because of their theft of the royal throne establishing an exclusive patriarchal rulership. Further, that it was these (Wasa/Guin/Guedeiv) royal lineages and their local descendants who were the first to be sold into slavery,” Mama Zogbe educates.  

Goddesses Shannade and Shannon Clermont had dreams of elevation similar to Nicki Minaj. Their drive exploited by photographer Terry Richardson, who captured the ambitious twins in incestuously suggestive poses.  

According to Independent, “Earlier this week it emerged that Conde Nast – which publishes high-fashion  magazines Vogue and Vanity Fair – would no longer publish fashion photographer Terry Richardson’s  work, after fresh scrutiny of years of sexual assault and harassment allegations made against him.” The article outlines multiple revolting acts of alleged sexual abuse of models spanning over a decade.

The plastic life of Shannade and Shannon came crashing down when allegations of prostitution and fraud shattered the illusion of their lavish lifestyle. Shannade subsequently served one year in prison for using a dead man’s credit card, while many of her followers incur debt and depression to mimic her. What seems like a devastating turn of events was an opportunity for transformation.  

Why do African Goddesses need bleached skin and hair, and Silicone Valley bodies to succeed in the entertainment industry? One need only look at the top to find the answer.

Are Barbies really empowered or simply little girls with daddy issues masked as grown women. Feminine power trapped by abandonment issues. Seeking daddy’s love and affection. Breakdown of family structure caused by systemic racism creates repeating cycles of abandonment and low self-esteem.  

Power does not need to be packaged or paraded. It simply is. Naturally. 

Barbies and blow-up dolls place too much focus on how we look instead of who we are. Placing the attention, approval and validation of men at the core of our existence. Who is really in control?  

Distributing exploitive and incestuous images in the media eventually makes incest, child abuse and pornography, sexual violence, and rape mainstream. Normalized. 

Society steadily declined when the African Matriarchs’ faces and names were replaced with Greek and Roman patriarchs.  

How do we stop the madness? 

We need the African Matriarchal voices in our world. As the civilizing authority of the ancient world, her suppression created chaos. The illogical became logical.  

She is suppressed but not silenced. Erased but not forgotten. She beckons through her daughters. 

Love, strength, smarts, insight, foresight, intuition, generosity, nurture, joy, wealth, health, creativity, business acumen, savvy, wisdom, logic, emotion, depth, diplomacy are her legacy.  

Jeremiah 44:17 is an omen. Erase the black woman. Erase the world.  

We need her. To ensure women and children are protected and not exploited. To ensure everyone has the quality of life necessary to develop and thrive.  

Justice is served as the African Matriarchs are resurrected in their descendants. People of all backgrounds are proudly proclaiming the title, “witch”. Using their power to heal our world as did our ancient mothers. 

Justice is served as black women have become the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs, according to Black Enterprise.  

Self-love, not surgery is what makes women attractive. When you know your power, you don’t have to prove it to anyone. Walk in your power. Stand in your power. Sit in your power. 

And the world takes note. 

The good news is patriarchy is coming to an end as we shifted into the Age of Aquarius with the Winter Solstice and Saturn, Jupiter Great Conjunction on December 21, 2020. 

A new era is born with the Age of Aquarius as a rising star takes the world stage. Born February 15, 1995, Megan Thee Stallion’s life path is 5, and the number also appears twice in her birthdate. Triple fives, 555, signals change. 

Megan inspires the next generation to look in the mirror and love what they see. To be original and allow the reality of their unique beauty to shine from the inside out. Not a copy of the latest celebrity packaged for sale and distribution by the white male-dominated power structure. Like another rising star, Goddess Azriel Clary, whose immense talent, strength and tenacity are more than enough. Goddess, you are everything. 

Last Edited by:Mildred Europa Taylor Updated: March 27, 2021


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