How brand strategist Ty Edwards is helping Black-owned businesses become global brands

Abu Mubarik December 06, 2020
Ty Edward. Founder/ CEO/ Brand Strategist helping Black businesses succeed. Photo credit: 24Brandhouse

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the global world order as well as the global economy. At the micro-level, the effect of the pandemic is also felt, particularly among Black business owners.

However, as scientists work around the clock to find a vaccine and with the improvement in COVID-19 management, some Black businesses are getting back on their feet. While some may require investment to rebuild, others need re-branding to position themselves in the market for a takeoff.

An African-American branding expert with 17 years of experience in the field is chipping in to assist Black-owned businesses in this regard. Ty Edwards is the founder and CEO of 24Media, a branding and marketing agency he recently relaunched as 24Brandhouse.

Edwards originally founded 24Media with his cousin Jermol Edwards in 2006. It was created out of the need to build brand identity and digital branding among Black-owned businesses as they have traditionally struggled to gain recognition. Now 24 Brandhouse, the company says it continues to “specialize in creating distinctive brand identities, distinctive website, distinctive social media content that helps you connect with your customers.”

“24 Brandhouse was launched to help brands, especially those in Black communities, really distinguish themselves from a crowded marketplace,” said Edwards, according to Black Business. “My team and I are personally invested in building successful brands with strong foundations which will allow businesses to achieve a healthy stream of income from both new and returning customers.”

On its website, 24Brandhouse says its mission is “committed to your business as if it was our own. We accomplish this mission by gaining a complete understanding of your business’s PVUT, which represents purpose, vision, uniqueness, and target audience. This mission exemplifies our brand, our goals, and our future.”

In January 2020, Edwards was asked what sets 24Brandhouse apart from other branding agencies. “I would say our experience and where we come from,” he said in an interview. “It’s been about 17 years now since we began and we started just making flyers and logos and brochures and designing things in high school,” he explained, adding that, in time, he and his team tried to find a better way to provide value for their customers comprising small business owners and local business owners.

“We got more into marketing and the psychology and strategy that goes into making designs. We tackle both sides of the field, we make really good looking designs but also strategically something that’s going to make customers feel good about spending money,” he said.

As part of its plans, 24Brandhouuse in the next years wants to expand nationally and will work to build successful brand identities for businesses to have a strong foundation, especially for Black-owned businesses.

Last Edited by:Mildred Europa Taylor Updated: December 6, 2020


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