Kansas City senior home told 68-year-old woman to move out for partying too much

Francis Akhalbey August 21, 2023
Vivian Jackson said her a senior living facility kicked her out after she was accused of excessive partying

A 68-year-old woman said the management of a senior living center she has been staying in denied renewing her lease because she held too many parties. In an interview with The Kansas City Star, Vivian Jackson said she has been unable to find another affordable assisted living facility after management at the Emanuel Cleaver II Senior Living Community told her to move out. 

Jackson also denied the allegations of excessive partying, adding that facility kicking her out also came after it failed to respond to certain concerns she raised. The sexagenarian said that during her three-year stay at the facility, she suffered several injuries due to flooding in her apartment – despite notifying management about the issue. She also said the flooding persisted despite repairs.

Responding to excessive partying allegations, Jackson’s nurse said the only people the 68-year-old hosted were her sons and her nurse. She said Jackson’s sons came around to help her in the evening.

“I’ve lost so much weight because of stress, and I don’t really have anybody to help,” Jackson said, adding that her efforts to relocate to another facility have been unsuccessful because of medical issues. She said her mobility has also declined.

The facility’s management also declined her request to be granted additional days to move out because of recent storms and power issues. She also said management informed her it was going to refer her case to legal aid after she asked for the additional days, The Kansas City Star reported.

Jackson said she worries about having an eviction on her record. “I didn’t even have electricity, and she doesn’t care. This is not professional. I wouldn’t even do a dog like this,” the 68-year-old said. 

Jackson said her fate at the senior living facility was yet to be determined at the time of this report. She, however, said she had been packing and storing her belongings while also donating other stuff to shelters and homeless people.

“I have a lot of health issues. I can’t work. If I could work at McDonald’s or something to supplement the income to help me, I would do that, but I can’t do it. It’s hard to even stand on my legs,” Jackson said.

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