Las Vegas rapper indicted for caging and starving his own kids

Stephen Nartey July 26, 2023
Travis Doss/Photo credit: Travis Doss via Instagram

The parents of seven kids have been indicted by a grand jury on child abuse charges. Court records say, Travis Doss, 31, assaulted and denied the children food while he kept them in an animal cage. He was indicted by a grand jury this month on 40 charges including child abuse. Amanda Stamper, who is the biological mother of one of the children and stepmother to the others, is also facing seven counts of child abuse.

Doss identifies himself as a rapper who goes by the name Trap Montana. On his Instagram page, he flaunts luxurious cars, mansions, and casinos. In one of his posts, he is sighted with four of his children hanging out at the beach in Santa Monica, California.

Body cam videos from the police in Las Vegas show police rescuing the children who were famished, beaten and kept in a cage. Six of the children, aged between 2 to 11, were found in a small one-bedroom apartment alone with two dogs. Two of the older children aged 9 and 11 were placed in a cage for pets and locked.

The abuse on one of the older children was so severe that Doss told the police that he believed the 11-year-old had passed away. He compelled the kid also to share the little food at his disposal with his siblings. Court records indicated that the boy was denied food for days, according to the New York Post.

The 11-year-old told the police he was always starved by his parents and that is why he stole. The boy told police detectives he virtually lived all the days in a cage. Police detectives in their transcripts said the eyes of the 11-year-old boy were bloodshot and he had multiple marks and bruises all over him. This was after Doss beat the boy with cords, belts, and a pan, the police said.

The children initially refused the police entry for 15 minutes because they had been told not to allow strangers into the house. It had to take the intervention of maintenance workers to persuade the children to open the door.

The 11-year-old boy after the rescue told the police Doss hit him in the face while in the cage after he made attempts to get out. In the video, one of the officers tried comforting the child, assuring him he wasn’t at fault for what his dad did.

When the police questioned Doss, he told them he had no alternative but to keep the children in the cage.

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