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Love On A Budget

By: Millie Monyo


Even though times are tough, there’s no reason for your dating life to suffer. Try these low cost tips and enjoy time with your honey without breaking the bank.

Prior to the recession, your date night may have been spent checking out a new restaurant or movie. But times and incomes have changed and we have to adapt. “Now i have to think about how much it’s going to cost me before I ask a woman out,” says Chris C, an 28 year old entrepreneur who used to think nothing of lavish $150 dollar dates with his special lady. The next time your man asks for suggestions of what to do, keep these ideas in mind… he’ll surely appreciate it.



  • Instead of going to the standard dinner and a movie try something more unconventional like Going to a museum: Most have free nights
  • Hit the bookstore: You can pick books out for each other
  • Wine tastings: Llimitless alcohol for a small cost


  • Go for a walk: Walk and talk through your town exploring new areas that you never pay attention to when you’re driving.
  • Go Hiking: If you live in the suburbs take advantage of your surroundings, put on some boots and have an adventure.
  • Got to the Gym: Going to the gym together is a great way to save money and get your body right.

Google and Bing is your friend: Search online for great information like free events, concerts and restaurant deals. Sites like Daily candy and City search are great for that


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