Macky Sall’s Coalition Wins Majority in the Senegalese Parliamentary Elections

Stephanie Shaw July 06, 2012

Macky Sall's Coalition Wins Majority in the Senegalese Parliamentary ElectionsThe coalition driven by Senegalese President Macky Sall won the majority in parliamentary elections this week.

Only about 37 percent of five million registered voters actually voted.

This lack of voting by the Senegalese people is unsurprising to the citizens. AFP news agency interviewed one teacher during the voting who said, “It's a waste to organize these elections when so few people show up." But, he added, "It isn't surprising. There are no illusions about the lawmakers. They don't play their role and politicians generally only spread lies."

The Benno Bokk Yaakaar coalition led by Sall won 119 of 150 seats in the assembly. 12 seats went to Abdoulaye Wade's Parti démocratique Sénégalais (PDS) and four seats went to Bokk Gis Gis (a group of PDS dissidents). The rest of the 15 seats are shared by smaller parties.

Wade’s party is in opposition to Sall’s party because of the overwhelming support that Sall now has in parliament.

Sall also won the presidency over Wade, as Wade was illegally attempting to run for a third term.

Now that Sall has won a majority in parliament, he hopes that his programs will be carried out. The Senegalese people will wait to see if Sall, unlike many of their previous leaders, stands by his initial stance for the people.


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