Massive Turnout in a Peaceful and Historic Election in Sierra Leone

Sandra Appiah November 19, 2012

Massive Turnout in a Peaceful and Historic Election in Sierra Leone

In what is only Sierra Leone’s third democratic election since the end of a grueling civil war in 2002, the country has demonstrated significant progress as large and enthusiastic crowds showed up to vote in the presidential election this past Saturday. This election was proclaimed by officials to be a true test of the stability and robustness of the country’s democracy. 

This election is historic as it is the first to be completely managed by the Sierra Leone government and the first time that the presidential, parliamentary, and local elections are all conducted together.

“Apart from some polling stations opening late, there had been no reports so far of any serious disruptions or violence,” said Richard Howitt, Chief EU Election Observer. 

Vote counting began yesterday morning, after 10 hours of voting all day Saturday. The results are expected to be declared within 10 days of voting, however some polling stations have already started posting results in front of the polling center, as required.

Eight political parties are in the running, including current president Ernest Karoma of the ruling All People’s Congress (APC), who is seen as the frontrunner of the race.

Sierra Leone, a mineral rich country whose image is often associated with blood diamonds and child soldiers, must be acknowledged and applauded for this significant progress. This s a steppingstone and we hope it will be the beginning of a new phase in the country.


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