BY Sandra Appiah, 12:00am November 26, 2012,

The RADI-AID Campaign: Young Africans offer Aid to Freezing Norwegians

The RADI-AID Campaign: Young Africans offer Aid to Freezing Norwegians

Usually it is African countries that are on the receiving end of various forms of aid, but this time, Africa is extending its help and resources to the rich Scandinavian nation of Norway.

The RADI-AID Campaign was started by young Africans on the continent with the mission of helping freezing Norwegians by donating a radiator.  The spoofy music video has raised many eyebrows and is causing people to rethink the idea of foreign aid.

"People don't ignore starving people, so why should we ignore cold people? Frostbite kills too," said lead rapper Breezy V in the video which urges Africans to support the campaign.


When asked what he hopes this video will accomplish, the 27-year-old South African producer said:

“A lot of people see images in charity videos and are drawn to them to donate. But what [we are] trying to point out is that Africa is not this place where there's just this one soft donation thing that you can make to feel good about yourself. There's actually development here. There's actually projects that need funding and could be really amazing if you actually take those seriously and realize that there's actually potential here… But because of the way it's often treated in the media, a lot of people just think: 'Let me support a starving child, give them five dollars or whatever.' And maybe if it [development] was highlighted more, maybe there would be some kind of change in supporting development in Africa."


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