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Speaker Declares “Africa Must Think for Itself!” at the African Media Leaders Forum


Speaker Declares “Africa Must Think for Itself!” at the African Media Leaders Forum

The African Media Leaders Forum (AMLF) is the continent’s only gathering of top media owners and operators across all platforms who converge to discuss some of the grueling challenges facing African Media. The 5th annual AMLF was held in Dakar, Senagal, on November 8th and 9th and focused on the theme “African 3.0: Strengthening Media and governance Through Citizen’s Engagement and Innovation.”

The event had several prominent participants and speakers. Notable was African Editors Forum’s Chairman, Mr. Cherif Moumina Sy, who spoke on a panel under the theme “Africa, an Emerging Market,” and made the bold statement that Africa must think by itself in order to achieve full liberation and progress. 

“China is an imperialist power as France, the USA, their interest matters first. When they happen Speaker Declares “Africa Must Think for Itself!” at the African Media Leaders Forumto invest in your country, it’s because they know that there is something to gain in return.”

Mr Sy urged African leaders to reconsider the impact that foreign influence is having on the continent and suggested that perhaps Africa may be taking backward steps towards another form of colonization. He stressed the importance of governments investing in their own people, especially through strong educational systems and professional training programs that will groom well educated and conscious citizens who will “liberate” the continent politically, economically, and socially.

“As long as we will not train the maximum of our youths, enabling them to acquire the necessary knowledge to permit them to change their environment, we will not achieve development. It would come to burying our heads in the sand. I think that saying this doesn't mean being afro-pessimistic," he added.

"Africa can and change regardless of the others because our children don't hold the same ideas as us, because they live in globalization and they know they should either fight or die."

Do you agree with Mr. Sy that Africa is NOT thinking for itself?

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