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Meet the sibling band behind the popular TikTok song ‘Haters Anthem’

Infinity Song is a sibling band consisting of Abraham, Israel, Angel, and Thalia "Momo" Boyd. They are the creators of the viral TikTok song "Haters Anthem. Photo Credit: Instagram, Infinity Song

Infinity Song is made up of a group of siblings; Abraham, Israel, Angel, and Thalia “Momo” Boyd. They are the creators of the viral TikTok song “Haters Anthem.” Their parents founded the Boys and Girls Choirs of Detroit while they were growing up, which immersed them in a musical environment from childhood.

“Music is our way of life; growing up, it was one of the major vehicles to our development as people,” Abraham told Girls United.

Today, the band members are not only singers but also songwriters, performers, and music producers. The siblings have been actively building their community through live performances in New York City, including pop-up street performances, which have helped them gain an enthusiastic fanbase.

Their music style emphasizes live instruments and vocals, delivering soft rock melodies. The band also draws inspiration from their musical roots and prioritizes staying true to their unique sound.

Thalia expressed, “Because we are family, we have a similar foundation to build off. At the end of the day, we have a similar goal and messaging of what we want to say to the world.”

In 2016, Infinity Song signed with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. The star rapper advised them to remain authentic to their musical origins and since then, the group has been working on their music and performing at various venues.

Their song “Haters Anthem” which gained immense popularity on social media, reaching over 200 million people around the world, is their first original song to go viral.

“We’ve had songs go viral that we’ve covered that aren’t our original work, and that always feels good, but when our own original songs are being used and shared and loved in this way, it just feels gratifying as artists,” Israel said.

The track carries a satirical message, encouraging listeners to acknowledge and accept their own tendencies to criticize and hate in order to move forward. Explaining how they created their viral hit, Abraham expressed, “We’re having a conversation about how [being a hater] is almost natural to our human condition. Hating is as natural to humans as air; from the beginning of time, it was something we were doing and had to grow past.”

The group hopes that its music and messaging inspire others, resonating with its soft rock style. In October, they are scheduled to perform in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Brooklyn.

Infinity Song was established in 2014 as a part of the Peace Industry Music Group, according to The Music Man. The band has been affectionately referred to as a “modern von Trapp family” by their fans.

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