My Mother’s Tongue

Azuka onye February 10, 2012

“My Mother’s Tongue” is a short narrative film written by Chike Nwabukwu. It explores issues of family and fortitude, communication and culture. When Obi, the film’s protagonist, seeks knowledge of his family's history to fulfill a school assignment the most dependable person to provide this information unexpectedly suffers from a stroke and becomes unable to speak.

Needing to score well on this assignment so that he can continue to play in his band, he solicits the only other alternative – to speak to his estranged grandmother who is currently visiting from Nigeria. The only problem is that they don’t speak the same language.

My Mother's Tongue from Afropolitan Legacy Theatre on Vimeo.

The filming of “My Mother’s Tongue” will take place in Washington, D.C. to the backdrop of the District’s go-go culture. Production is slated for Spring/Summer 2012. This video serves as a promotional/fundraiser video for Chike Nwabukwu and Afropolitan Legacy Theatre, the company that is leading the production efforts for this film. Please for more information on this project and/or to contact the producers.


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