NBA legend Carmelo Anthony now has a cannabis brand, with a portion of proceeds supporting a nonprofit

Abu Mubarik April 25, 2024
Carmelo Anthony. Photo: Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons

Carmelo Anthony is a 10-time NBA All-Star who played 19 seasons in his career. He was with the LA Lakers, Denver Nuggets, and Trail Blazers, and today, he has reinvented himself as a cannabis entrepreneur after founding the brand StayMe7o.

His journey in the cannabis industry started when he began utilizing cannabis in recovery for sports, stressing that cannabis has always been a part of his life. “I was always into the benefits and the science and education of cannabis,” Anthony told Forbes.

He said that he used tinctures, CBD, and topicals, trying to find out what was the right product for healing and soreness.

“As I started getting out of the NBA, I started studying and realized how important it is to understand all of the cannabinoids in the plant, as well. What is the cannabinoid, how does it affect the body? I dove into ways we could create this flower, let’s create seeds that are really effective. We can test these seeds out as well. Starting in Portland, we can talk directly to the consumer to the community, they respect us,” he told Forbes.

Anthony launched his weed brand on April 20 under Grand National, a cannabis-focused agency built with Lowd Cannabis’ CEO and Founder Jesce Horton and Chief Creative Director Brandon Drew Jordan Pierce. Anthony was introduced to Horton — an advocate for black entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry — when he moved to Portland through a mutual friend.

According to Forbes, Anthony works closely with the cultivation team and tests genetics for his cannabis line, StayMe7o.

“At Lowd, we practice a mix of traditional hydroponic and organic methodologies to help our plants reach peak performance,” said Horton. “This includes beneficial teas, organic foliar sprays, and clean inputs using the industry’s most efficient equipment. All of this focused on consistently premium and potent flowers.”

Anthony’s cannabis line is on shelves at two Native-owned and Black-owned dispensaries in Oregon, Natural Wonders and Green Muse. As per Forbes, these shops are the first to carry StayMe7o Cannabis following its inaugural launch.

What is more, StayMe7o is collaborating with NuProject to give a portion of its proceeds to the nonprofit organization founded by Jeanette Ward that is assisting communities harmed by War on Drugs. For Anthony, he wants to work towards representing and uplifting black entrepreneurs in the cannabis space. In 2023, the amount of non-white-owned weed businesses was 19 percent, according to figures cited by Forbes.

“This is a space with a long history of black entrepreneurs getting penalized and judged, arrested, and locked up for cannabis,” said Anthony. “Now for it to be legal, it’s only right to open those doors back up for those who want to be in this game. Who are already in this game. Instead of it being so singular, how do we come together and work together toward a common goal? Everyone has cannabis out here, what separates you?”

He plans to go to every state as part of his plan to build a nationwide brand.

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