Organization of the Week: FACE Africa

Sandra Appiah April 25, 2011

FACE Africa is one of the premier non profit organizations feverishly working towards a better Africa through clean water and sanitation initiatives and women and girls empowerment programs in Liberia.

Organization of the Week: FACE AfricaThe organization was founded by Saran Kaba Jones, who always believed that the most effective way to bring about positive change in Africa was to invest in the education of its young children. In 2005, she began sending funds back to her native Liberia to help a young family friend with his school fees. After two years, he went on to complete high school and enrolled at the University of Liberia where he is currently a student.

When she realized just how impactful her rather small support was, Saran decided to scale up her efforts and dedicated herself to giving others the opportunity to live out their dreams.

In early 2008, she launched FACE Africa to extend her work towards educating children in Liberia. During her first visit to Liberia in nearly 20 years (she left Liberia when she was only eight years old), Saran was faced with the harsh realities of a post-conflict Liberia and the enormous challenges facing the country. The long and devastating civil war had left Liberia’s infrastructures in ruins – roads, buildings, health clinics, schools, farms and factories were almost totally destroyed. With one of the highest unemployment rates in the world, extreme poverty with average earnings of $1 a day, no electricity, running water or sewage system, and an inadequate education system, the country had enormous needs.

Armed with a new-found understanding of the needs in Liberia, FACE Africa’s focus was expanded toOrganization of the Week: FACE Africa include water and sanitation as well women and girls empowerment programs. In 2009, with a $10,000 grant from the Davis Project for Peace, FACE Africa implemented its first clean water project in Barnersville, Liberia in partnership with Clean Water for Kids. The project involved the installation of a water purification system (Skyhydrant) capable of producing up to 20,000 liters of drinking water per day and currently supplies over 600 residents with clean and safe drinking water.

Since FACE Africa’s launch in January 2009, the organization has raised over $100,000 for clean water projects in Liberia and is gearing up to launch SHOP FACE Africa, a social enterprise that provides economic opportunities for women in Liberia while raising funds for clean water projects. While there are plans to target other areas like health and education, Saran’s current goal is to ensure that clean water and sanitation is a reality for all Liberians.

For more information about FACE Africa and to get involved, visit or send your requests to

Visit F2F Experience Photo Gallery to view pictures of the second Annual FACE Africa Gala, which raised about $75,000 to fullfill its clean water and sanitation initiatives in Liberia .


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