Pair Those Outfits with Your Make-Up Properly

Renarda Joy May 11, 2015

Pair Those Outfits with Your Make-Up Properly

Solange Knowles, notice she has a simple winged eye with a bright lip. Imagine if she wore yellow lipstick — nooooooo, let’s not!

Hey, Beautiful People!  The weather in New York City has finally had consistent sunny days, and I’m noticing spring glam is in the air and bright colors are POPPIN’!

Matching your makeup to your outfit is no longer old-fashioned.  Over the past couple of years, I’ve noticed a shift in taste and style and different looks and styles that we want to emulate whether it’s Rihanna or Solange.  It’s OK to be a trailblazer with your frabjous look, just keep in mind when it comes to make-up and your outfit, it should complement what you’re wearing — not compete. One should never look like matching draperies!

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Don’t Overpower Your Outfit

If the dress or fabric is multi-colored or there’s a pattern, work with one of the less obvious colors. If it’s a solid, I try to choose a shade that matches but may be slightly off so that it still complements the color.

When it comes to what to play with for your look, allow the color to make the decision for you.  If your dress is blue, you likely wouldn’t wear a blue lip, but you could easily wear a matching eyeliner, shadow, or even a colored mascara. (Beauty Confession: I tried on some blue lipstick last week and fell in love, pictures coming soon).

Remember if you have brown eyes like Rihanna you can rock any eye color. Notice how the blue accentuates her eyes but doesn’t compete with her lips.

Pick Colors with Your Skin Tone in Mind

You also want to stay away from picking colors that don’t naturally complement your eye color, hair color, or complexion.

But if you have brown eyes like me, we can rock any color on our eyes.  Use the smokey eye rule: if you wear a smokey eye, your lips should be muted or nude so that your look isn’t competing.  If you have a bold lip, which is my favorite look, than your eyes should be soft and less dramatic.

One of my favorite bold lips to pair up with my less dramatic eyes is by Dose of Color‘s Play Date, which I found at one of my favorite beauty shops, RickysNYC.

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