Racist white Spanish guards violently force black man off train despite having a ticket [Video]

Francis Akhalbey October 16, 2018
Screenshot via eldiarioes on YouTube

In what clearly looks like another case of racial profiling, security guards of Spanish railway operator Renfe are under scrutiny for singling out a black passenger and forcing him off the train despite showing them his ticket.

As reported by The Olive Press, the incident occurred on Thursday on a train from Cercanias de Madrid to Cercedilla.

In the video, two guards board the crowded train and directly approach the black man and ask him to show his ticket. Astounded, the black man questions why he’s being asked to do so and refuses to comply, telling the guards it’s only the train conductor who’s authorized to inspect tickets.

With the passenger still being adamant, one of the guards then pulls the emergency brakes on the train. A female passenger in an attempt to de-escalate the situation tells the black man to comply. “If you’re going to be legal, you’re not afraid of anything, there’s no problem, sir,” she says.

“But they are not authorized to ask me for the ticket, ma’am,” the black man replies the woman.

“I’m authorized,” retorts one of the guards. “I’m an authority in Renfe, despite being security, so now go with me outside, by hook or by crook, as you wish.”

The guard then follows up and grabs the man in an attempt to force him off the train. Throughout the fracas, some passengers register their displeasure at how the black man is being treated with an unclothed police officer threatening to file a complaint against the guards.

With the guards still being persistent, the black man finally decides to show them his ticket. “I’m not going to get off, here’s my ticket, why do I have to get off? If I have not done anything?” he tells them.

“Because we cannot prove it,” replied the guards. According to The Olive Press, Renfe guards do not carry the necessary equipment to check new transport cards used in public transport in Madrid.

Completely overpowered, four security guards subsequently manhandle the black man and drag him off the train. Once on the platform, one of the guards kicks him adding more insult to injury.

Renfe issued a statement saying the confrontation wasn’t racially motivated and announced they are investigating the matter. The black man is however believed to have had a genuine ticket.

Take a look at the video below and share with us your thoughts:

Last Edited by:Ismail Akwei Updated: October 17, 2018


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