Run-off looms as Raila Odinga Files Petition after Kenyatta’s Victory

Lydia Njeri March 20, 2013

Run-off looms as Raila Odinga Files Petition after Kenyatta's Victory

“Kenya’s Democracy is on Trial” were the words of incumbent Prime Minister Raila Odinga who lost the presidential race to Uhuru Kenyatta a week ago. Odinga who came in second on Saturday 16th of March filled a petition at the Supreme Court to dissent the results of the just concluded General Elections citing that they were flawed to favor Kenyatta and give him a first round win.

The Prime Minister criticized the Independent Electrol Boundaries Commission, charged to conduct elections, saying that the commission presided over a “sham” process that unfairly denied him the chance to become the fourth president of the Republic Of Kenya.

As history indicates, Mr Odinga has not been lucky as his utmost desire to live in the house on the hill (state house) continues to be elusive.

Raila Odinga, the son of the first Vice President of Kenya Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, first became a member of parliament in 1992 when he clinched the Langata Constituency parliamentary seat.

Come 1997 General Election, Raila finished third after President Moi, the serving president at that time. 

In October 2007 Odinga again launched his presidential campaign and lost to now incumbent President Hon Mwai Kibaki. Odinga disputed the results alleging fraud by the election commission, then led by the late Samuel Kivuitu and refused to adhere to the constitutional procedure and present an election petition before the courts. His refusal to accept defeat led to a bloodbath in 2007/2008 that ended with the two, Mwai Kibaki and Odinga sharing power.

Now Kenya’s focus has shifted to the filled petition as a re-run Looms large and the underlying fact is that this has caused unrest among Kenyans whose lives will be disrupted all over again if they are to return to the ballot.

The effect of the unrest is witnessed on social media, mainly Twitter and Facebook where most Kenyan youths are venting their anger.

So, this might be Raila Odinga’s last chance to finally clinch power and if he fails, history will not judge him so kindly.

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