Little-Known Secrets of the River Nile

Fredrick Ngugi July 13, 2016
The majestic Nile River at Aswan. DK Find Out

The great River Nile is certainly one of the many natural wonders only found in Africa. It offers great mysteries that, for centuries, have put the African continent on the global map. For thousands of years, Egypt has relied on the River Nile to sustain her economy.

A number of dams have been constructed along the River Nile for water supply in the neighboring towns and cities. Lately, however, the Nile has caused serious dispute between Ethiopia and Egypt following Ethiopia’s plan to construct a mega hydroelectric dam on the waterway.

Egypt has relentlessly criticized Ethiopia’s current project, even threatening to go to war with Ethiopia to protect its lifeline. At the moment, the two governments are currently involved in talks as they seek a lasting solution to the stalemate.

Over the years, manmade mishaps such as encroachment and water pollution have taken a huge toll on this great waterway, but its wonders are still intact. Here are just a few of the little-known secrets of the River Nile.

Last Edited by:Deidre Gantt Updated: July 13, 2016


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